ANGELIC SISTERS OF SAINT PAUL: This name sounds sometimes pretentious to the ears of those who hear it for the first time, but for those who belong to the Congregation, it is actually a way of life.
The young novice, Agnes Baldironi, being profoundly imbued by the genial intuition of St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, proposed, during the Community Chapter of October 4, 1536, the first name of "ANGELIC" to express their style of life which is contemplative and active, or "mixed."
"Like the angel who is at the same time contemplator of God and co-worker of salvation, so the "mixed" life does not get tired of working with its hands and feet, and its mind always contemplate God" (St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria: The Famous Sayings, XXXII, 13).
The Holy Founder, applying the idea, added, "St. Paul," so that her daughters may have as a model and protector this great mystic who was the Apostle par excellence.
Even today, the Angelics put before their baptismal name and, until some time ago, before their Religious name, not the name "Sister" but "Angelica," thus the name of each Sister is composed: Angelica Paola Maria, Angelica Antonia Maria....